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Lift Management System

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MW-301 is a Networked Multi-Door controller with 32-byte CPU.
Unlimited numbers of MW-301 communicate each others and its software on server via on-board TCP/IP output in very high speed. MW-301 manages 8 pcs weigant Card/fingerprint reader. Reader
quantity can be reised up to 16 pcs with expansion board named MW-301EX.
Software Spec:
• Controlling 16 pcs Reader (Wiegand 26/34 bit, HID,
mifare, class, EM compatible, UHF readers)
• Up to 100.000 Card Memory (Stuff and Visitor)
• Up to 150.000 log memory.
• 2048 different Access group, 256 time zone.
• 8 Local Zone control and global zone identify.
• Up to 999 global zone
• Real time clock
• UDP broadcast and data transmision inter panels.
• Local and global antipassback without PC
• Capacity check at the local or global zone
- Suitable for carpark or sport/tness, conference or
meeting rooms
• Capacity check for quantity of person or car of access
• Restriction of recursive access
• Adjustable duration in hour, minute or second.
• Deny recursive access
• No log for multi reading at the same time at same reader.
• Programing of burgar and fire alarm input
• Whenever the panel gets burglar alarm signal, all
selected doors are locked and alarm (aux relay) output
• Whenever the panel gets fire alarm signal, all selected
doors are opened and alarm (aux relay) output activated.
• Fire alarm is the priority.
• In any case of alarm, related camares preset input can be
• Vistor access limits according to access group.
• Vistor picture can be added to system by a assigned IP
• Programming doors in time zoze as locked or unlocked
• User identification with pin and card.
• 7/24 working without PC connection.
• All panels comminucate each other in the same network.
• Access permittion and denying for access group,
depertment or user
• Date or hour limits for access
• Visitor module
Technical Spec:
• 8 Wiegand Reader interface (High Voltage protected)
• 8 Magnetic Switch interface (Optical İsolator)
• 8 Exit Button interface (Optical İsolator)
• 8 door Relay output + 1 Alarm Relay output
• 100MBit Ethernet
• 1 pc. RS-232 Port
• 2 pcs. RS-485 Port
• Optic Isolation on Input
• 32 Bit 60 MHz CPU + 16 Bit Co-Processor
• 2048 + 512 KBytes Flash Memory
• 1048 KBytes SRAM Memory
• 3V Lithium Pil (Keeps memory and clock Up to 10 years)
• EMC Filter
• Max 220VAC – 3A NC and NA Relay Output
• Max 12VDC – 3 A for Wiegand Readers
• Monitoring Relay output with On-Board LED
• COM and ERR LED Diots
• 3.3V, 5V Voltage check LED Diots
• Metal Case with Unique Lock
• 12Volt 7.2Ah battery and recharge
• 12VDC – 5 A.
MW-301EX Expansion Board
• 8 Wiegand Reader interface (High Voltage protected)
• 8 Magnetic Switch interface (Optical İsolator)
• 8 Exit Button interface (Optical İsolator
• 8 Harici Kapı Röle Çıkışı + 4 additional Relay output
• Burglar and Fire Alarm in