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MW-305 OP

Quick Overview

Parking System, Stand-Alone & Online Control Panel
OPEN MW-305 Access Control Panel, developed for medium access control applications, low cost and high performance is an access control panel. There are 40,000 to 20,000 personnel transition event memory.

More details

Technical Specifications:
20,000 users 40,000 event memory
Ethernet interface (for central control software)
4 moonwell RFID Access control devices to connect an
       (Mifare + EM readers, in RS485 mode)
MW- 340, MW-341, MW-330 series IP MW-110, MW-350 PDA
Dail 2 relay outputs (can be controlled by software, time adjustable)
Locked hair panel housing
12V 3A power supply
Technical and functional features:
Local capacity control
1280, to define the transition group
    -Two Date and two-hour tool
    -Weekly And monthly plans
    -Daily Multiple plans (Shift)
    -Transition Group, based inside the vehicle / person able to limit the number
Access control mode switching feature in different
    - (Card + Password - Only Card - only password)
Ability to enter the number of times daily or according to restrict mode switching between two dates
2 relay outputs to control the built-in software or SDK
Free Stand-Alone control software
You can also watch instantly transition
Monitoring and control panel in System
Monitor the status of the doors in the system
Rich reporting